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A Tile Flooring Guide from Luna - Tough Trendsetter

A great choice for almost any room, tile comes in many different styles, colors, and textures; even wood looks! Tile is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can last for decades. Add to that water-, stain-, and scratch-resistance, and you get a floor that will be in your home for many years to come.

Consider this your buying guide to tile. Then reserve a free in-home appointment with a flooring professional from Luna to help you find a flooring you’ll love!

What to Consider When Shopping for Tile Flooring

Want the best tile for your family and lifestyle? A flooring professional from Luna will walk you through the following questions and much more during your appointment.

How do you use the room(s) where you want your new tile installed?
If you have kids, there are bound to be occasional mishaps. A sturdy, moisture resistant tile is perfect in a busy bathroom. Tile is incredibly easy to clean. Pets bring a different set of challenges: claws and scratching. If you’re hesitant about new hardwood or loop carpet getting damaged, tile is an excellent alternative. Let your pets scamper across the new kitchen or laundry room floor without a care in the world.

What kind of look and feel do you want for your new tile?
If your master bathroom with traditional décor needs something extra, consider a gorgeous porcelain tile. And who said laundry rooms shouldn’t be stylish? A modern ceramic tile with linear patterns and smooth surfaces makes sorting clothes all the more pleasant.

How much time will you have to clean and maintain the new tile?
The answer is probably “not much.” With tile’s moisture resistant, thick surface – every mess tends to be an easy clean up. A little water and scrubbing will get most sticky spills out. Dust and crumbs call for an occasional sweeping. That’s it!

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Types of Tile Flooring Offered by Luna

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is equally suited for both contemporary and traditional settings, which is why it’s so popular in many different rooms of the home. Ideal for busy, high moisture areas, porcelain tile features tough construction, high density, and a wide variety of grout options. On a hardness scale, porcelain is harder than ceramic/stone tile and offers more design flexibility. Despite its tough build, porcelain tile feels smooth and cool underfoot – ideal for warmer climates.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offers the true, authentic stone look so many homeowners love. Made from clay and minerals, ceramic’s distinct, porous surface can add a wonderful character to bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and more. Ceramic tile is extremely durable as well as moisture resistant. Scratching and water damage are not likely when it comes to strong ceramic. Another feature is its through-body construction: each tile is one uniform piece of stone. It’s incredibly easy to clean and can be installed anywhere in the home.

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How to Shop Tile Flooring in Your Home

From Subfloor to Tile in One Easy Appointment
Luna makes it easy to shop for tile you love in the comfort of your home. A flooring professional visits your home for no charge. No trips back and forth to the store with heavy tile samples – you get a large selection of hand-picked tiles brought to you. Have your rooms measured for free, and schedule an installation on a day and time that fit your schedule.

Your Time is Valuable; Your Floor Should Be, Too
Consider how you use the rooms where tile will be installed before buying. Shopping at home helps you see what it will look like in your home’s unique light and décor. Your one-on-one appointment with a flooring professional is your time. Ask as many questions as possible. Look through our wide selection of samples. You’ll be glad you did, especially with tile. After all, Luna wants you to love your floors!

Know What Your Floors Will Cost
Shopping for tile from Luna means you can see prices up front without any surprises. The costs of professional installation, padding or underlayment, transitions and thresholds, the tile itself, and cleanup after the project is complete are all included. Our wide selection of styles also means you can consider tiles that fit your budget. We also offer financing options for those who qualify.

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Taking Care of Your Tile Flooring

Tile is tough, but not tough to take care of. To keep your new tile looking great for many years, here are some general cleaning tips:
  • 1. Clean tile with a damp mop in busy areas twice a week for the best results. Detergent and soap can dull the tile’s surface, so avoid these when cleaning.
  • 2. Place mats at doorways to help keep dirt and soil from being tracked onto your tile. “Shoes off!” is a friendly reminder you can offer your guests and housemates.
  • 3. Moving heavy furniture every so often helps prevent permanent indentations from forming. Floor protectors are great for under couch legs and TV stands as well.
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Luna makes it easy for you to shop at home and find the right tile that will best fit your style tastes and needs.