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Protect Your Purchase

Rest easy that your floors are protected


Protect Your Purchase

luna service plan logo

Rest easy that your floors are protected


Luna’s Service Plan covers damage above and beyond warranties, such as:

scratches in floor Scratches, Dents,
Dings & Gouges
stains on floor Stains
warped floor Warping from a spill
snagged carpet Snags and
cleaning benefit icon

Cleaning Benefit (based on your purchase)

Hard surface cleaning kits with microfiber mop and specially-formulated cleaning solution provided annually, beginning in year two – or a $100 credit towards professional carpet cleaning in years two and four. Details

product replacement icon

Product Replacement

In some cases, if damage is beyond repair, replacement may be covered.


No Service Fee

per claim


50 Months of Coverage

from service date


Comprehensive Coverage

including products and labor


24/7 Customer Service

by Luna® customer service team

Comprehensive Coverage for Carpet and Flooring

Type of Damage from Incident
or Accident Covered
Carpet Laminate Hardwood Vinyl Plank Luxury Vinyl
Re-stretch (1 per term)  check          
Ripples, buckling, bubbling     check        
Doorway, transition issues   check   check   check   check   check   check
Buckling, warping (from an accident)     check   check   check   check  
Joint gaps       check      
Scratches, dents, dings, gouges
(from an accident)
    check   check   check   check   check
Snag, unraveling causing a gap greater than
1 inch and exposes the base of the carpet
Grout cracking causing the tiles to be loose
or become unattached to surrounding tiles
          check   check
Tile cracking (from an accident)           check   check
Wood cracking (from an accident)       check      
Rips, tears (from an accident)   check   check     check   check  
Stains (from an accident)   check   check   check      

Frequently Asked Questions

Defects in materials or workmanship occurring from a single incident or accident during normal use of the covered product. Please see the Comprehensive Coverage chart for more details. Details

Carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, and ceramic tile.

The Luna Service Plan begins on the date of installation.

50 months from the date of installation.

The maximum coverage amount is the original purchase price listed for your flooring contract.

You can call Luna at 866-308-1709 at any time, 24/7.

Yes, the plan is transferable should you sell your home.

For carpet, you receive a $100 credit toward the cost of one carpet cleaning in year two and one carpet cleaning in year four. Simply call the Luna Service Plan line at 866-308-1709 in years two and four to initiate your carpet cleaning benefit claim. As long as you use a CRI approved, professional carpet cleaner and provide receipt of the completed service, we will issue you a reimbursement of $100.

For hard surfaces, we will provide a cleaning kit with microfiber mop and specially-formulated cleaning solution upon request annually beginning in year two.

Depending on flooring type purchased, you may be eligible for protection against scratches, dents, cracking, rips or tears, stains, and more*.

You receive one per contract term.

Coverage can be added up to five days after the installation is completed. Call 866-308-1709 for details.